Silicon/Sapphire Wafer protective coating solution for laser sawing(dicing, grooving, full cutting) during UV laser ablation.
Application : Si wafer,Poly-Si wafer, GaN-Si wafer, Low-k wafer, Metal layered wafer, very thin wafer, High luminent LED wafes, etc

Not removed melt Si particles during UV Laser sawing(Dicing, Grooving) can cause the unexpected problems.
These particles are hard to remove with only DI water cleaning.

To prevent this problems and to protect the chip surface, WCS-3F is needed to coat the surface of wafers before UV laser sawing(dicing, grooving, full cutting)
WCS-3F have excellent leveling, Good slippage after drying, Perfect cleaning with DI water..

WCS-3F is the next generaton goods for silicon/sapphire wafer protective coating solving problems of PVA basis one.
it is showing the perfect performance under high speed spin coating.
Especially 12-inch Si wafer, GaN-Si wafer, Metal layred wafer, and Hard-to-cut wafers with blade.


  • Good coating properties.
    No pinhole till edge part of 12 inch(300mm) wafers. Constant thickness from center to edge.
  • Easy cleaning with water.
    Higher hydrophilic properties and good dispersion into water.
  • Very low debris, chipping, and delamination
    Even flip chip, it shows very low upper troubles.
  • Good cover to CMOS, CCD, SoC wafers with bump, micro lens, etc.
    Excellent covering to bump, micro lens, Metal, etc.
  • More economic price( Excellent price competitiveness)
  • Quick response to meet customers' requirements on improvement
    Our R&D team is ready for complying with your requirements.
    Quick response and suitable troubleshooting is our basic attitude to our customers.
  • And.............................
    • Comply with ECOPACK3
    • No RoHS forbidden materials(Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr6+, PBB flame retardants)
    • Halogen free
    • No plasticisers
    • Bio degradiblity-over 60%
    • Very low COD and BOD

Another Product : WCS-2G

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