CEO Greetings

Good day to my customers.
First of all, I am so appreciated to your visit to our website.
This is Hyun PARK, Chief chemical and polymer consultant of InYourSide.

I hope you've got the better information from our website. Even though this site don't have enough information about the products, company and market, I hope it is helpful to build the new relationship between you and InYourSide.

As we said in brief introduction of company, we InYourSide is R&D based company for Specialty chemicals products and Engineering plastic compounding.
We have a wide range of chemical product portfolio. However most of our products are focused on HEAT and ELECTRICs.
We condsider just HEAT transferring and Electric treatment in solution and polymer structure.
For engineering plastics compounding, we are supplying the customerised plastic resin compounding as well as commodity one.
Under long-term R&D expriences with global leading customers, we are ready for suggesting the better solutions to you. Please don't hesitate to contact to us, if you have any thought about new applicaions and improving your products.

We want to be a R&D partner and good supplier of you with long-term relationship. as like old friend. Under our company philosophy, we will go to future with you.

InYourSide CEO Hyun Park


TEL 031.459.3377
FAX 031.8068.1188

평일근무 시간 : 9:30 AM ~ 6:30 PM