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Dear manager of purchasing, R&D, sales, and relevant teams


It is our great pleasure to announce the following changes in the organization of our sales system effective November 1, 2016.

Started as a High-tech based company appointed by Korean government,

we InYourSide had faced the new era collaborated with QDIS in 2016.

Through the collaboration both companies are succeeded to

expanding the product portfolios including processing chemical goods and functional chemicals.

Each customer is unique.

For the best R&D support and sales strategic approach,

we are willing to supply the faster, more stable and sustainable services as well as the competitive edge.


As to the first part of this service, we decided the price down by 20%~30% for whole active products

in US and EU regions first.

This decision is effective as of November 1, 2016.


Relevant products

  1. TOPCover WCS-3F, WCS-3F(L)

  2. ​TOPCover WCS-2G

  3. TOPStream MC-3000

  4. TOPStreams JB series

  5. TopLIVE IR series

  6. IZ-TEx

  7. TopHEAT GRT series

To support the customer’s competitiveness, we will devote the best to support our customers.

If you have any questions on this announcement, please contact to our sales team TANGO(

or H. PARK( or DAVID IM of Solarfree( as sales representative in US.

Sincerely yours.



CEO and Chief chemical consultant of InYourSide Co., Ltd.


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